Saturday, May 26, 2007

The God Delusion

Believe in god is false because it is believe without evidence.
We should believe things because there is evidence.
The fact that one might argue that it is faith and therefor not factual is not an argument in its favour
What matters is truth.

What is the need for religion, in other words "Qui Bono?"
There has always been a wanting to understand. Before science, superstition and religion emerged as the big explainers.

What baffles me most about religion is that believers accept their believes for true without proof. I guess that's the paradox of religion.

So am I against (a) god(s)?
Before I can answer that question I need to know if there is such thing as a god. No sense in being against rain if rain does no exist.

Is there a god?
Yes and NO.
Yes the god(s) created by man exist(s)
No the god(s) creating man do(es) not exist


isa said...

think about this: it is called a belief because there is no evidence. If there were, it would be called (irrefutable) "knowledge".

Erik said...

Sure, I can accept that but that should also mean, given the utter and total lack of evidence, that's all it should remain, a belief.
Not a law, instruction, decree, or what have you.
Oh and don't indoctrinate children please!